A socially responsible label, made in Ghana


Q. Where do you sell/stock? 

A. We are a direct to customer brand, so we don't currently wholesale. YEVU is exclusively sold through this online store. We do ship all over the world, and will happily refund or exchange, just check in with our policy here. Happy shopping!


Q. When and where will you be doing your next pop up?

A. Although we have loved doing pop ups over the years, meeting all our wonderful customers and having a few loud parties, we are focussing solely on our online store for the foreseeable future!


Q. Will you be restocking this item? 

A. To put it bluntly, it's very unlikely. The prints that we use are sourced from the wholesale markets of Ghana and Togo, which means they may be available in abundance one minute, and super scarce the next. It sure does keep us on our toes! We source this way so we have heaps of choice and can find the most unique and captivating prints available in country. We use every yard of each print in full for a production, so our ability to re-issue or re-stock a specific piece in a specific print is not easy. Ultimately it's up to the textile companies in Ghana to re-issue that print - so let's hope they keep churning out the prawn print for years to come! On the odd occasion we have been able to restock due to a reprint by the textile companies, so do put your email down on the waiting list just incase (available via the product pages). Read all about our process here.


Q. What does this print mean? 

A. Some prints have meaning, many do not, they are simply beautiful designs. Those prints that carry text generally carry meanings which usually communicate a Ghanaian parable, sometimes related to the situations in which the specific print might be worn in Ghana. The text and translations should be available on the Shop by Print page, but if it's not, and you'd like to know, then shoot us an email at yevu@yevuclothing.com, and we'll let you know (if it does have one!). 


Q. Will you be doing larger sizes? A more inclusive size range?

We currently offer sizes Small - XXX Large in the Women's ranges. This is equivalent to UK sizes 8 - 18; or USA sizes 2/4 - 12/14. 

In our mens ranges we offer sizes Small - X Large in tops and, sizes Small - Large in bottoms. 

We are striving for more inclusive sizing, and we hope to be able to offer that in the near future. Watch this space!