Welcome to YEVU

We are a business with purpose.

We are proudly Ghanaian made.

And we believe in the transformative impact of economically empowered women.

Our Story

Bold Prints & Big Impact

Founded in 2012, YEVU has spent more than a decade creating fair and sustainable jobs in Ghana with, and for, women.

YEVU makes fabulous clothes in vibrant and locally sourced Ghanaian wax prints. We aim to look good, feel good and do good!

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Our Print Story

Bright & Colourful Ghanaian Print Clothing

At YEVU, we believe style isn’t just about fashion and clothing - — it's an expression of your unique voice, vibe and values. . Dressing for your true self can bring joy and lift our spirits. Whether rocking vibrant maximum impact dress, or an easy head to toe look in a matching set. It’s all about expressing yourself and wearing your values on your sleeve.

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YEVU draws inspiration from, and pays homage to its West African birth place, Ghana. Through textiles, traditional techniques and artisanal craft, YEVU creates clothing that is a unique and considered mix of tradition and modernity to create a practical wardrobe for the modern woman and man (and everyone in between!).

YEVU Origins: From Idea to Reality

Our journey at YEVU started with an ambitious yet simple notion — to establish a fashion brand that showcases Ghanaian clothing and uplifts economically vulnerable women, their families and local communities. . YEVU was sparked by the chance meeting of it’s two founders in Accra, and the ubiquity of bright, coloured locally made clothes and textiles. Read more about that story here; Driven by the desire to make an impactful social statement through colourful clothing, YEVU has established itself as an inclusive brand that celebrates diversity, supports communities, and makes bright clothes for men and women with a story.

We believe fashion should serve as a platform for all voices to be heard and celebrated, which is why our designs reflect a range of identities, backgrounds, sizes and experiences. No matter where you call home — Accra, Los Angeles, Sydney, or Auckland — YEVU offers an inclusive space where you can make a statement with our printed clothing. Contact us today and discover our exclusive collection of one-pieces, tops, bottoms, skirts, jackets, and dresses.


Why choose Ghanaian clothing from YEVU?

YEVU's bold clothing features colourful, beautiful and vibrant prints, sourced locally in Ghana, offering a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe. All our colourful clothes are made in Ghana by our talented team of makers that are employed full time by YEVU in fair, inclusive and dignified jobs. The quality and make of our clothes, combined with the flattering fits and bold prints will keep you coming back for more. When you shop at YEVU, you are actively supporting womens economic empowerment in Ghana. Plus, our shiping is 100% carbon neutral and we minimise our environmental impact through local and sustainable packaging. Read more about our impact here.

What styles of Ghanaian printed clothing does YEVU offer?

We offer Ghanaian clothing styles in easy cuts, that are best suited to 100% cotton wax print clothing. This means styles that are not super fitted - shirt dresses, wrap dresses, comfy drawstring pants,, maxi wrap skirts and a variety of cute shirts. There is something for everyone, with comfort and colour at the centre of our designs.

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