Things to keep you entertained - the West African Edition

Things to keep you entertained - the West African Edition

READ: Meet Joseph (Abs) Abbey Mensah

We catch up with Abs the creative (and insanely stylish) genius behind the last two vibrant YEVU campaign shoots.

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LISTEN: Burna Boy - Odogwu

Watch the Nigerian rising star assert his ‘champion status’ in his latest track ‘Odogwu’, following his Grammy-nominated LP ‘African Giant’ of 2019.

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BE INSPIRED: Nana Yaw Oduro

The Ghanaian photographer discusses masculinity, boyhood and the support from his local community.

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WATCH:DAT Films presents a short documentary on DJ Katapila.

Discovered by Awesome Tapes from Africa and launched into the international spotlight soon after, DJ Katapila’s sound is an insane bass-heavy hybrid of traditional hiplife from Ghana’s coast and Detroit techno.

Watch the full doco >

READ/LEARN: Dead White Man's Clothes

Dead White Man’s Clothes is a multimedia research project exploring the secondhand clothing trade in the context of Accra, Ghana. In Accra, Ghana, imported second-hand clothing — or “dead white man’s clothes” — represents a massive industry with complex environmental, social, and economic implications.

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GROOVE: The YEVU Summer Soundtrack

15hrs of non-stop good times from the West African continent to keep you grooving, no matter where you are.

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FOLLOW: @skateghana

A Ghanaian skate and surf collective that has a flair for all things skate culture - West African style. Check out their latest piece on the the Skate Gal Club of Ghana.

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