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A socially responsible label, made in Ghana

Free Stuff.

Spend $250 or more and get a cute mixed print drawstring bag with your order!

Made using offcuts from our factory floor in Ghana (what a colourful mess it is). 


Where your Second-Hand Garms Actually End Up

Ever thought about where your St. Vinnies clothing donations actually end up? Sure, some find loving homes in thrift savvy shoppers wardrobes, but a whole lot of those unsold second hand clothes end up in landfill in Africa, of all places.
Other Brands from the Continent We Love

Other Brands from the Continent We Love

From prints to minimalism, sustainably driven design to collabs with streetwear labels, Africa has it all. It’s a bubbling hotpot of creativity. Here is a pick of a few of our favourite brands.
DJ Katapila

DJ Katapila

We hung out with DJ Katapila last time we were in Accra, and boy is he a hoot! Alongside some documentary film makers (Tommy Thoms and Dara Gill), we followed him around for the better part of a week, capturing what it’s like for a DJ in Ghana’s capital, hustling to make a living, whilst slowly building a name for himself internationally through his ties to ATFA.

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