Collection: Bright & Colourful Men's Clothing

Step into the world of YEVU, where vibrant bold prints meet comfort and ease. Traditional and contemporary Ghanaian textiles are fused with modern cuts, bringing the spirit of West Africa to a global customer. Our bright men’s clothes offer you a fresh alternative to the neutral ethical fashion, whilst still having a positive social impact.

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Classic cuts

YEVU likes to let the prints do the talking, YEVU’s fun men’s clothing celebrates Ghanaian wax prints through classic and simple cuts that are easy to wear, and can be mixed and matched with wardrobe basics.

The Party Shirt

Everyone needs that go-to party shirt in their wardrobe for a Summer fiesta, a music festival, or for a celebration that needs some joy injected into it. At YEVU, we curate the brightest, most joyful and vibrant coloured prints straight from the marketplace of Ghana to make bright men’s clothing in accessible and easy to wear styles.

Wearing the full YEVU look

Make the most of YEVU’s fun men’s clothes by pairing a printed shirt with a matching pair of shorts, or statement trousers to go for a maximum impact ‘up and down’ look. You can also pair a printed top or bottom with neutral basics for a more low key look, balancing out the boldness of the print with a block colour or plain neutral.

Bright & fun men’s clothes

Our prints come in various patterns including stripes, checks, and floral prints, so you can experiment to find your perfect look. If going for a textured and layered look, throw a jacket or cardigan over a printed shirt or a stunning one-piece. Elevate your outfit with accessories like statement belts, market bags and hand woven kente caps. Contact us today to learn more about YEVU’s stunning men’s bright clothing.


What type of Ghanaian men's clothing does YEVU offer?

YEVU offers a selection of men’s shirts, shorts, trousers, jackets, and one-pieces. Our curated collection is crafted by highly skilled makers in Accra, Ghana, and we aim to blend traditional prints with modern contemporary cuts. Our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and sourcing materials locally ensures beautifully made clothing that is made with purpose.

What makes YEVU's men's clothing unique?

YEVU's men's clothing stands out for its vibrant and bold prints and colours made from Ghanaian wax prints and handwoven textiles. Our fun clothes for men offer a fresh ethical alternative that steers away from neutrals and brings joy to everyone's wardrobe. At the same time, YEVU is a social enterprise meaning that every purchase contributes to our positive impact.

Why should I choose bright men’s clothing from YEVU?

YEVU’s men’s clothing not only looks good, but it does good. YEVU employs women in Ghana in fair and dignified jobs, and builds capacity through skill training, enabling financial independence and economically empowering. Our vibrant clothes allow you to express individuality and stand out with unique and eye-catching styles whilst having a positive impact.

Plus, wearing bright Ghanaian print clothes celebrates and appreciates Ghanaian culture, encouraged by our Ghanaian team who directly benefit from the sales of YEVU Clothing.

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