Collection: Bright & Colourful Men's Shirts

YEVU encourages an injection of bright and bold colours into mens wardrobes by offering accessible styles to mix and match. YEVU’s bright coloured men's shirts introduce a coloured mens shirt option made from authentic Ghanaian print fabric and textiles, so guys can easily join the colour bandwagon and still look stylish.

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Printed shirts for men

YEVU’s men’s printed shirts feature various colours and prints, and you can style them in different ways to create individual looks that are right for you. For instance, if dressing for a special event or occasion, you can wear a bright coloured men’s T-shirt with some matching pattern trousers or shorts to flaunt your look.

For a casual look, pair your men’s print shirt with your favourite jeans, or dress it up with black trousers and a jacket for something more formal. Elevate your look by accessorising with a printed belt.

Bright mens shirt

Our men's printed T-shirts can add colour and personality to your wardrobe. Whether it's a vibrant blue, a bold red, or a cheerful yellow, wearing YEVU’s bright colours can convey confidence and energy. Plus, they are made ethically in Ghana, and can be a great conversation starter.

Men’s bold shirts

One of the reasons YEVU’s printed men’s shirts are quite unique, is because we use wax prints sourced directly from the markets and print makers in Ghana.You will be hard pressed to see anyone else in a similar print. We offer subtle prints, black and white prints and super bright prints - something for everyone.

Buy YEVU's bright men's shirts in Australia

Elevate your style with YEVU’s men’s print shirts. Explore our vibrant collection of men's bright coloured shirts and discover a world of bold colours and eye-catching prints. Contact us today, and let us transform your look.


What type of printed men’s shirts does YEVU offer?

YEVU offers bold, vibrant printed shirts for men, including short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve overshirts, and long-sleeve shirts. Our collection of shirts features vibrant prints and patterns, such as Monochrome New Wave, Sherbet, Dollar Billz, and Blue Wings. Whether you're looking for simple printed shirt, or a bold statement piece like a one-piece, YEVU provides options that combine style, comfort, and cultural appreciation.

Why should I buy YEVU’s bright men’s shirts?

YEVU’s men’s bright shirts offer a refreshing spin on a wardrobe stable, allowing you to embrace and express creativity. Our fun shirts can create a sense of playfulness and will soon become your go to party shirt.